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Advisory Board

The Global MBA Advisory Board consists of internationally recognized academics and corporate executives from around the world. The board's role is to provide objective support and guidance to the business school faculty to ensure that the quality of the Global MBA is truly world-class.

Academic Advisors

Glenn D. Hook
Glenn D. Hook
British National Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Sheffield, UK
Robert Cole
Robert Cole
Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, USA
Edilberto C. de Jesus
Edilberto C. de Jesus
Professor Emeritus, Asian Institute of Management, Philippines
Harukiyo Hasegawa
Harukiyo Hasegawa
Former Professor of Doshisha Business School and University of Sheffield, UK
Yuko Furukawa
Yuko Furukawa
Formerly National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, Japan
Yi-Long Huang
Yi-Long Huang
Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Ray Loveridge
Ray Loveridge
Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Hirohisa Nagai
Hirohisa Nagai
Professor Emeritus,
University of Tsukuba
and Professor, Meijigakuin University,
Gordon Redding
Gordon Redding
HEAD Foundation and INSEAD, Singapore
Joop Stam
Joop Stam
Former Professor of University of Twente, Professor Emeritus of Eramus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rosalie Tung
Rosalie L. Tung
Simon Fraser University, Canada
Michael Witt
Michael Witt
INSEAD, Singapore

Corporate Advisors

  • Mr. Toshio Hori
    President and Representative Director, Green Power Investment Corporation, Japan

  • Mr. Noriyuki Inoue
    Chairman of the Board, Chief Global Group Representative

  • Mr. Tomokazu Nakamura
    Vice President of Doshisha Alumni Association

  • Mr. Yasuo Nishiguchi
    President, Handy Inc., Japan

  • Mr. Yoshikatsu Ota
    Special Advisor, Konica Minolta, Inc., Japan

  • Mr. Ken Segall
    Bestselling author of “Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success” and Blogger (Ken Segall's Observatory), USA
    Former Creative Director of Advertising, Apple, Inc.

Messages from our advisory board members

Prof. Ray Loveridge
Prof. Ray Loveridge, Saïd Business School, The University of Oxford, UK

The Global MBA at Doshisha Business School offers an exciting and creative addition to the international market in professional education. The curriculum combines a well proven core of business management disciplines with an imaginative choice of electives. These are designed to take the participant into a world of future global opportunities. This mix of subjects and the unique modes of self-learning offer the technical, social and ethical grounding for a future generation of transnational business professionals. There are only a few places in the world that can deliver such a program at the level achieved by Doshisha faculty. My congratulations and best wishes for a continuously innovative future!
Prof. Joop Stam
Prof. Joop Stam, Former Professor of University of Twente, Professor Emeritus of Eramus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Global is the catch phrase of the new Doshisha MBA program. And for very good reasons. No enterprise, system or institution nowadays can survive without seriously addressing the international dimension of its activities. This applies equally to the current and future generation of managers and officers. Doshisha University's new program therefore is a welcome and timely initiative and offers international minded managers from Japan and abroad an excellent choice of solid business management courses combined with highly relevant topics like economic sustainability, technology and innovation. We can be confident that the program, which handsomely matches the philosophy and content of the major European international business courses, will benefit all participants.
Prof. Rosalie L. Tung
Prof. Rosalie L. Tung, Simon Fraser University, Canada

The Global MBA at Doshisha addresses a diversity and range of courses that are both timely and topical. The program advances students' understanding of the role of Japan in relation to its major trading partners: the U.S., Europe, and China. Furthermore, the use of English as the medium of instruction is both sound and pragmatic as English has become the lingua franca of international business. Through a world-class faculty and international student body, it will equip participants with the global mindset needed to succeed in international business in the 21st century.

Third Party Evaluations

Marking one year since the Global MBA course was strengthened as an independent unit and renamed Global Business and Management Studies, we have asked members of our advisory board and others to evaluate the achievements of the unit and have also completed a self evaluation.

2015 Global Business and Management Studies Evaluations

Evaluation by Professor Hirohisa Nagai (Tsukuba University) [Japanese][PDF 228KB]
Evaluation by Associate Professor Munetsugu Takeda (Doshisha University) [Japanese][PDF 233KB]


2016 Doshisha Business School Global Business and Management Studies Self-Evaluation [Japanese][PDF 935KB]
2015 Doshisha Business School Global Business and Management Studies Self-Evaluation [Japanese][PDF 1.3MB]