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Student Support

Getting Settled in Kyoto

At Doshisha, you will find that the university provides a wide range of student support to help you settle into your new life in Japan.

Housing Assistance

Finding the right place to live is essential to ensure that you make the most of your time studying and living in Kyoto. We will be happy to introduce you to housing agencies that can provide you with a list of accommodation options to match your budget and lifestyle.
House Network
Realestate Apaman

Immigration Procedures

Japanese visa
In order to study in Japan, non-Japanese must first apply for a student visa. Upon acceptance into our Global MBA, our admissions officers will assist you with the necessary visa procedures and other immigration issues, both before and after your arrival in Japan.

Health Care

Doshisha Health Center
Nothing is more important than staying in good health. All international students admitted to Doshisha University are enrolled in the Japanese national health insurance plan. You can also receive comprehensive medical health care services through our university health center. Free counseling is available as well to help deal with mental health issues, or simply to help you navigate the stress of juggling study demands, social activities, part-time work, and other challenges that come with living in a foreign country.

Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese
Japanese language ability is not required for admission to or participation in our Global MBA. We recognize, however, that proficiency in Japanese is important if you are planning to pursue a career in Japan. Our Global MBA therefore provides free-of-charge access to Japanese language classes (from beginner to advanced) offered by the university’s Center for Language and Culture.

Help and advice when you need it

Our faculty and office staff are always available to assist you with academic or non-academic issues.
Doshisha Advisor
Student Advisor