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The Global MBA student body brings together a diverse group of people from all over the world, with various academic and professional backgrounds and a broad range of life experience. See what students have to say about our program and their experiences studying at Doshisha Business School.

Current students on why they chose the Doshisha Global MBA

[2019 Entry Students]

Current Student 2019

Thomas Laville, France (2019)

After working in Japan for two years, I gained perspective on my strengths and weaknesses as a professional. My weaknesses were mostly emerging from two problems: my lack of Japanese proficiency and an insufficient understanding of the Japanese business environment. As I aspire to run a business in Japan following emerging environmental business models, studying for my MBA in the rich and diverse environment of Doshisha was a natural choice for me. I found myself fitting in to the study environment as soon as the courses started and I am looking forward to developing my career.
Current Student 2019

Yusuf Bayraktar, Turkey (2019)

After 14 years of work experience, I chose DBS to focus on its unique Business in Asia courses to gain the skills and knowledge to establish my own business in Asia. If you have a big dream and want to make it come true, Doshisha Business School is an excellent place. You will be guided throughout your path with the help of great lecturers, well-organized interactive courses, and the DBS staff. You will be ready for real business to create a brighter future as a true leader. This is how I felt from the beginning of my days in DBS and in this amazing city, Kyoto.
Current Student 2019

Zenan Wu, China (2019)

Here at DBS I study together with students from different backgrounds from all around the world and learn from patient professors who conduct classes with vivid real-world examples. The business school facilities are outstanding and useful; they help to create a cozy atmosphere where students can enjoy themselves while studying at a higher efficiency. Also, the office staff are hospitable and informative, ready to help when we have questions about school or life in Kyoto.
Current Student 2019

Souleymane Magassouba, Guinea (2019)

The Global MBA offers practical training with a range of specializations that give students a chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real, competitive world. The university environment is welcoming to international students; it is a very diverse environment where you will meet students from around the globe that could become future business contacts.
I am interested in learning business management strategies with a special focus on leadership, green business, and sustainable development. The Global MBA perfectly aligns with my vision and I believe it will be a great opportunity for me to enrich my knowledge.
Current Student 2019

Nouran Hamdy, Egypt (2019)

I believe that being in a diverse international environment where you can learn about people different than yourself is the best way of learning. My objective when I first thought about coming to Japan was to explore myself and see life from other perspectives by getting out of my comfort zone. Once I arrived in Kyoto, I immediately fell in love with it. The environment that I found here in Doshisha was beyond my expectations, it is very welcoming, tolerant, and academically challenging.
Every moment I’m learning something new. Sometimes I wonder just how much I’ll have learned and changed after finishing this program.
Current Student 2019

Satanan Phattanaprayoonvong, Thailand (2019)

I used to study Japanese at Doshisha University as an exchange student. After four years, I decided to come back to study business. I strongly believe that Doshisha and Kyoto are among the best places for studying and living. As I had been working for a Japanese company, I am eager to deepen my understanding of Japanese corporations, Japanese business practices, and business in Asia so that I can work to strengthen the connections between Japanese firms and other countries. Already, I’ve found that the diverse student body at Doshisha Business School presents many new experiences and opportunities to exchange opinions and learn about how to do business in different countries.

[2020 Entry Students]

Current Student

Greg Koch, Canada (2020)

Based on good reviews from past graduates and the sustainability aspect of the program, I decided to join. As I'm writing this Corona is striking at the heart of our global societies, almost certain to irrevocably change the way we live, think and do business for the foreseeable future. Moving forward, I have a sense that the demand for more sustainable ways of living and doing business is only going to grow larger. I'm hoping the new skills and approaches I learn will help me meet the challenges of an ever changing business landscape, plus help create a future utilising technology, sustainable methods and innovative ideas to deal with climate change and other challenges of the 21st century.
Current Student

Nick Linnan, U.S.A. (2020)

I am overjoyed to begin the global MBA program at Doshisha University this year. Doshisha University has always been an institution that I have admired, and I quickly fell in love with the breathtaking landscapes of Kyoto. Since the beginning, I was drawn to the global aspect of this program. It is a privilege to work alongside my fellow students from all around the world. Thanks to them I can broaden my perspective and I hope that I can impart some of my knowledge onto them as well. After graduating I aspire to establish my own company that can strengthen the bond between Japan and the U.S. I have no doubts that the academic and social environments at Doshisha University will allow me to make a positive impact on the world.

Wong Laam Fai, Hong Kong (2020)

I had been studying in Japan for six years. After I graduated from Doshisha University for my bachelor degree, I decided to continue my student life in Doshisha for my personal development and future career. After I enrolled in DBS I met and studied together with many brilliant students from different cultural backgrounds from all around the world and learned a lot from kind and patient professors who led us with helpful skills and knowledge to succeed in our future careers. DBS facilities are advanced and user-friendly, they provide a comfortable environment and atmosphere to help so that students can engage in a positive study mood to increase our academic efficiency. Also, DBS office staff are considerate and informative, always being prepared to provide us with useful information when we have problems about school and life in Japan.