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The Global MBA student body brings together a diverse group of people from all over the world, with various academic and professional backgrounds and a broad range of life experience. See what students have to say about our program and their experiences studying at Doshisha Business School.

Current students on why they chose the Doshisha Global MBA

Current Student

Toan Thi Bich Nguyen, Vietnam

I am excited to join this program where I will be able to integrate wisdom from all over the world to create value in my future career. With unique courses that focus on innovation and creativity and dedicated professors who inspire a passion for finding solutions to new challenges, my experience here will enrich my knowledge and foster my skills to succeed in the changing world of the 21st century. I’m sure that these two years studying in the retro-modern city of Kyoto, where contemporary life is intertwined with tradition, will be an unforgettable experience.
Current Student

Nandrianina Ratsimandresy, Madagascar

Business in Asia has long interested me because of its economic growth during the past decade, and one reason I decided on the Doshisha Global MBA is that it offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of this subject as one of the focus areas of the program. I want to study the relationship between foreign direct investment, export, and economic growth, and the content of this program is valuable for my research and my future career plan. Also, I’m confident that the cosmopolitan class of students will bring wealth, experience, and an enjoyable atmosphere during the two years of the program.
Current Student

Kurt Sullivan, USA

Coming to DBS was an easy decision for me. I had been working in Japan for a few years and was eager to take the next step in my personal and professional development. I was attracted to the program for its courses on sustainability, as well as the ability to study Japanese language and business practices while living in Kyoto, a truly ideal city in which to be a student. After entering DBS, I was immediately impressed with the kind and attentive staff and the expert faculty, in addition to the wonderfully diverse student body. I can’t imagine a better environment for aspiring leaders in the global economy.
Hear From Our Students

Ioanneta Vergi, Greece

Being part of the Global MBA at Doshisha Business School has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The program harmonizes theory with practice in many fields thanks to its wide offering of courses. The Culture and Creativity focus area offers the chance to gain marketing and management knowledge in relation to Japanese creative industry and culture, and the location of Kyoto offers unique opportunities in this area. Like many of my colleagues, another one of my reasons for choosing the Doshisha Global MBA was the opportunity to study in the historical city of Kyoto, all whilst in an English speaking environment.
Current Student

Fatma Al Balushi, Oman

From my previous experience I strongly believe that diversity is the key to success, better growth, and more knowledge. At DBS, students from all over the world and professors from different backgrounds come together to make a perfect combination for the ultimate learning environment. Moreover, the Global MBA program’s philosophy of ‘beyond business as usual’ was one of the main attractions for me since experience approaching business topics from a variety of angles will give me the tools and skills to be creative when it comes to analyzing business situations in my career.
Let’s not forget that being in Kyoto for two years and experiencing this beautiful city is an unforgettable experience that no one would want to miss!
Hear from our students

Maha El Khamlichi, Morocco

Studying in Japan is a dream come true for me. Four years ago, I was able to do an internship in Kyoto. Staying 6 months in such a magnificent and inspiring city wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to learn further about the culture and to further experience the beauty of Japan. Therefore, I decided to continue my studies at Doshisha Business School. Apart from the ideal location, I picked DBS for its renowned MBA program with a strong emphasis on social responsibility. I hope to expand my knowledge and to acquire the necessary skills to create my own company during these 2 years
Hear From Our Students

Hitoshi Nagatani, Colombia

After three years of professional experience, I decided it was time to continue my academic development. An MBA was the perfect choice. I wanted to be based in an influential and intellectual city, and in a program with outstanding credibility. Besides ticking all the boxes, I was really drawn to DBS’s sustainability, green business, and creativity courses. I am thrilled to broaden my perspective and create new and exciting experiences.