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Our Students

Hear from our students

The Global MBA student body brings together a diverse group of people from all over the world, with various academic and professional backgrounds and a broad range of life experience. See what students have to say about our program and their experiences studying at Doshisha Business School.

Current students on why they chose the Doshisha Global MBA

Miriam Adres, Philippines

Pursuing an MBA in Japan had been on my mind for years but finding a school where I could study what I am passionate about, Japanese creative industry and culture, seemed near to impossible. When I learned about DBS through a friend, I was really excited to finally find an MBA program that offers courses on culture and creativity as one facet of the curriculum. I have found the Global MBA to be robust and well-rounded, and I believe that the education here can benefit individuals who wish to pursue careers in not only in Japan, but in other countries as well. Upon arriving in Kyoto, I am enjoying the city’s beautiful balance of Japanese tradition in a modern setting.
Current Student

Frisco Benton, USA

My decision to enroll at DBS was influenced by the quality and flexibility of the program and its research project design. I plan to use the guidance of professors, resources from the university, and alumni network to bring my vision for a start-up to fruition. I am confident that the flexibility of course selection and one-on-one guidance from the experienced faculty will help me refine my business model while I earn my MBA. These factors, along with the incredible diversity of my colleagues, will help me develop tangible skills needed to reach my full potential personally and professionally.
Hear from Our Students

Ioanneta Vergi, Greece

Being part of the Global MBA at Doshisha Business School has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The program harmonizes theory with practice in many fields thanks to its wide offering of courses. The Culture and Creativity focus area offers the chance to gain marketing and management knowledge in relation to Japanese creative industry and culture, and the location of Kyoto offers unique opportunities in this area. Like many of my colleagues, another one of my reasons for choosing the Doshisha Global MBA was the opportunity to study in the historical city of Kyoto, all whilst in an English speaking environment.
Hear From Our Students

Derrick Tran, Australia

As a part of my professional development and lifelong learning, the global MBA program was the most suitable choice to prepare myself for the challenges in an ever-changing business arena. The program focuses on leadership and sustainability, which are two values that resonate with me on both personal and professional levels. But the most important point for me is that I will be surrounded by colleagues from all corners of the world, providing an invaluable opportunity to learn from truly global perspectives. Lifelong learning that leads to lifelong relationships is always worth investing my time and efforts.
Current Student

Maha El Khamlichi, Morocco

Studying in Japan is a dream come true for me. Four years ago, I was able to do an internship in Kyoto. Staying 6 months in such a magnificent and inspiring city wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to learn further about the culture and to further experience the beauty of Japan. Therefore, I decided to continue my studies at Doshisha Business School. Apart from the ideal location, I picked DBS for its renowned MBA program with a strong emphasis on social responsibility. I hope to expand my knowledge and to acquire the necessary skills to create my own company during these 2 years
Hear from our students

Hitoshi Nagatani, Colombia

After three years of professional experience, I decided it was time to continue my academic development. An MBA was the perfect choice. I wanted to be based in an influential and intellectual city, and in a program with outstanding credibility. Besides ticking all the boxes, I was really drawn to DBS’s sustainability, green business, and creativity courses. I am thrilled to broaden my perspective and create new and exciting experiences.
Hear From Our Students