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The Global MBA student body brings together a diverse group of people from all over the world, with various academic and professional backgrounds and a broad range of life experience. See what students have to say about our program and their experiences studying at Doshisha Business School.

Current students on why they chose the Doshisha Global MBA

[2022 Entry Students]

Current Student

Maciej Slomczynski, Poland (2022)

I have been working in the creative industry for more than ten years. The last couple of years has been tough on all of us. So as COVID restrictions loosened up, I felt the need to try something new. I have decided to expand my business and managerial skills by joining an MBA program.
I was always fascinated with Japanese culture, so after throughout research, I have decided to apply to Doshisha Business School. Located in the most beautiful city in Japan, Kyoto, they offer quite a unique curriculum, with "Sustainability and Green Business" and "Culture and Creativity" being my favorites. They provide a fantastic MBA program with exceptional faculty. Considering that my class consists of students from all over the world (27 countries!) I cannot wait to see how my new DBS family will help me become a better manager, leader, and, finally, a better person.
Current Student

Diana Darbekova, Kazakhstan (2022)

Want to step out from your monotone routine, immerse into the conscience personal and professional development, or maybe you dream to solve the world's biggest challenges? Doshisha's Global Business can help you with such aspirations! Let me give you a couple of reasons why.
Firstly, Doshisha Business School provides you with a deep dive into such courses as Foundations for Sustainable Management, Green Management in Action, Sustainable Human Resource Management, Creativity in Organizations, Knowledge and Innovation Management with top tier professional staff. All these courses will perfectly upgrade your skill set to make a real difference on a global scale.
Secondly, Doshisha Business School is your ticket to cutting-edge science, advanced knowledge and technology. This cultural journey might help you to come up with fresh sustainable ideas to a worldwide community. And the last, but not least reason is Doshisha Business School's location itself. Home to 40 institutions of higher education, Kyoto is presented not only as one of the academic centers of Japan, but also the place to absorb a great cultural heritage. I'm sure studying in Doshisha Business School in Kyoto will not only amplify academic achievements, but also reveal uniqueness and individuality in each student.


Pornthip Uaratanachaikun, Thailand (2022)

I have visited Kyoto many times due to its cultural sense and beauty, and Doshisha school and students have made a big impression on me. Besides, the reputation of the MBA school of Doshisha in Japan is exceptional. After taking classes for a while, the classes answer the curiosity that I have stuck with during my working time, also it is expanding my knowledge and expertise further. Meanwhile, I gain a lot of experience sharing with classmates who come from a diversity of age, genders and nationalities. This has led me to feel a part of the international community.

Anna Ayvazyan, Australia (2022)

Living in Japan for 5 years as an ALT at a senior high school in Himeji I was looking for ways I could continue to grow my career in Japan. Then I discovered the DBS program which was in Kyoto and thought to myself “wow what an opportunity”! I heard from my senpai friends that also studied the GMBA that it is a great programme that can really help your career and develop skills needed to work in Japan and abroad. I hope to continue working in Japan, hoping to work in a company between Australia and Japan strengthening the business and cultural bonds between the two countries.

[2021 Entry Students]

Current Student 2021

Lawrence Andrew Medina, U.S.A. (2021)

After living in Japan over the last 15 years, I wanted to expand my business knowledge and looked at various MBA programs. Unlike other MBA programs in Japan, I liked how Doshisha's MBA program emphasized sustainability, culture, and a diverse student body. In addition, the focus on "Green Business" perfectly aligns with my previous position at a Japanese cosmetics company. One of the main issues that plagued my clients was developing and maintaining sustainable development goals. Using the tools at Doshisha, I can learn how a business can be more green, and I hope to provide my clients with better insight into building sustainable organizations. Moreover, I thrive in environments where diverse peers and faculty alike can discuss and find solutions to the challenges of working with foreign and domestic clients, particularly regarding sustainability issues.
Current Student 2021

Jae Eun Jung, Korea (2021)

The reason why I decided to attend DBS is because its differentiated curriculum such as sustainability in business, culture and creativity, and business in Asia attracted me. My impression of the program so far is that it not only focuses on business fundamentals but also takes an integrated approach to upskilling people with practical and valuable skills that underline good business practice now and for the future. Therefore, I am confident that the informative program and knowledgeable faculty members will guide me to achieve my academic goals so that I will be able to take a leading role in my future career.
Current Student 2019

Robert Mugema, Uganda (2021)

I chose Doshisha Business School because I wanted to acquire business knowledge that could help me establish a venture capital to help coffee farmers in my community since findings of my research showed that venture capital could address most of their problems. After joining DBS, I was impressed by the unique skills studied in courses such as Operation and Strategic Management, which challenged my expectations. I was also impressed by the multicultural academic environment where students from different backgrounds express their opinions on different topics hence learning from each other.
Current Student 2021

Dhiyan Arini, Indonesia (2021)

I feel grateful to pursue one of my goals to continue studying in Kyoto, Japan, and it is challenging to balance our new "normal" study style because of this pandemic. However, it is rewarding at the same time that I can share my previous experiences with other students who have different backgrounds and cultures so that I can have great insights and opinions both in the learning process and in understanding other businesses as a whole. Furthermore, guided by many renowned Professors in Doshisha, I believe that learning new skills will help me to face challenges in the business world with technological developments and sustainable innovations.