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Exchange Students

Doshisha Business School regularly welcomes exchange students from our partner universities.

Stefanie, University of Tübingen
Exchange Student from Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Stefanie at Kiyomizu Temple
I chose Doshisha Business School because it offers a wide range of courses that look beyond the traditional business topics offered at my home university. Sustainability, courses focused on Asia, and intensive courses covering different topics are just a few examples of courses I was able to take at DBS. Courses had a personal atmosphere with small class sizes, group work, and in-class discussions. DBS provides nice facilities, with a small kitchen and lounge at its heart as a space to meet with fellow students. Moreover, Japanese classes are available for student to add to their business studies.
Doshisha University helps match international students with a language exchange buddy and has a student organization that offers fun and insightful cultural events that both Japanese and international students can join. As Kyoto has much to offer, it makes for the perfect location for exchange study. I couldn’t be more happy to have spent a year at DBS in Kyoto.

Lili, University of Tübingen
Exchange Student in Spring 2019

Lili with a maiko in Kyoto
DBS is a great place to study special, sustainable topics not offered at many universities. The Global MBA students are open, the administration office fantastic, the study facilities modern and extensive. I loved spending my final semester as a student, ever, in such a great place, and such a beautiful city. You cannot be shy, you cannot wait for people or activities to come to you. But if you actively look for contact and amazing experiences, this is where you have them. Beer at night at the river, late nights in the library, temples or hiking the mountains - this was great. Thank you!

Bolun, Renmin University of China
Exchange Student in Spring 2019

Bolun presenting in a DBS class
Japan has always been a country I wanted to learn from, and the DBS exchange program provided me with a good opportunity to come. Doshisha Business School not only has excellent facilities, but also helpful staff, experienced teachers and students from all over the world.
Although I was only able to study here for five months, I have learned Japanese and made many new friends. Kyoto is my favorite city in Japan with its long history and peaceful atmosphere. After my studies, I gained a better understanding of Japanese culture, which has had a deep influence on me. I hope that the relationship between China and Japan will get better and better.
Coming to Kyoto and studying at Doshisha Business School will definitely leave you with many good memories.
Good luck!

Johan, University of Gothenburg
Exchange Student Fall 2017

Johan from Sweden
I have always dreamed of studying abroad and especially in Asia, because of its growing importance in the world and different culture compared to Sweden. Japan felt like the best option for me to fulfill this dream and Doshisha Business School (DBS) came highly recommended, as many previous exchange students from Gothenburg have been very satisfied with their stay.
My semester at DBS exceeded everything I could hope for. The teachers are excellent with their interactive teaching style and great knowledge of the subject taught. I had wonderful classmates from all around the world. It is also very easy to get to DBS by bike or subway.
In summary, my time in Kyoto was amazing and I would love to go back there in the future. For those of you considering an exchange semester at DBS, I can guarantee you will not regret that decision. You will discover a lot of beautiful places, cozy streets, meet interesting people and experience authentic Japanese cuisine. Finally, do not forget to visit the area along Kamogawa River, which is my favorite spot in Kyoto and a place where you can find inspiration and energy.

Claudia, University of Tübingen
Exchange Student Spring 2017

Claudia from Germany
I was always very interested in Japan and its culture and spending one semester as an exchange student was the perfect opportunity for me. I am still very happy with my decision to study at the Doshisha Business School in Kyoto. During my time at DBS I experienced great support by the staff, a variety of interesting courses to choose from and the chance to collaborate with people from all over the world. It was my first time as an exchange student and I especially enjoyed the interactive lecture style which is very different compared to my home university. Another factor which contributed to my positive experience in Japan was the everyday life in Kyoto. Kyoto with its natural beauty and cultural richness has so much to offer and I am really happy that I got the chance to life here for a while.
When I now think of my time in Kyoto I always picture myself riding the bicycle to university while passing several shrines and temples on my way – which is just an amazing memory for me.