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Prof. Yong Yin Awarded Honorable Mention by Journal of Operations Management

Updated Oct. 3, 2018
Congratulations to Professor Yong Yin, who has been awarded a Jack Meredith Best Paper Award Honorable Mention by the Journal of Operations Management at the 2018 Academy of Management in Chicago for his paper “Lessons from seru production on manufacturing competitively in a high cost environment.” The Journal of Operations Management ranks number one of journals in the area of Operations and Technology Management in the Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Guide with the highest impact factor (according to the JCR database). Only three papers published in 2017 were recognized with Best Paper awards.

In his paper, Professor Yin completed a robust analysis of the Seru Production System and scientifically and systematically compared Seru with the Toyota Production System and many other production systems. In his research, he proved that the Seru Production System was the most responsive production system among all production systems. His findings are especially important in our contemporary fast changing world, where responsiveness is crucial to business success. Research on Seru is highly valued and has a very significant role in being able to guide actual production in the business world. The research conducted by Professor Yin not only helps managers understand the responsiveness of production systems, but also to open their minds to options beyond the dominant Toyota Production System.