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Sustainability and Green Business

Business and the Health of Our Planet

Green Business
The Global MBA Sustainability and Green Business focus area provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become “green” business leaders and agents of change in a world where preserving the health of our planet is the number one challenge facing humanity today. This focus area is ideal for those who are passionate about the environment, who run or plan to start a green-related business, or who aspire to help businesses and other organizations assess, strategize, plan, and implement sustainable business practices.
As with the GMBA curriculum as a whole, our Sustainability and Green Business focus area gives you the flexibility to build your own Green specialization by…
  • Choosing from a strong lineup of green-related courses:
    • Foundations for Sustainable Management
    • Green Management in Action
    • Environmental Accounting
    • Sustainable and Responsible Marketing
    • Sustainable Human Resource Management
    • Economics for Sustainable Development
  • Doing your major project or Masters thesis on an environment-related topic or company
  • Utilizing the DBS network and faculty corporate connections to seek an internship with a company that is “greening” itself or engaged in an environment-related business