Masumi Izumi

Professor Masumi Izumi

Masumi Izumi

Doshisha University

Masumi Izumi obtained her MA (Political Studies) at Queen’s University at Kingston in Ontario, Canada, and her Ph.D. degree from the Graduate School of American Studies at Doshisha University. Her Ph.D. dissertation was a historical analysis of the legal legacy of Japanese American internment/incarceration on civil liberties in the postwar period.

Between 2004 and 2005, Prof. Izumi did field research in Los Angeles as a Fulbright Scholar. She was a Visiting Scholar at the National Taiwan Normal University and Academia Sinica in Taiwan and a Research Fellow at the University of Victoria in Canada in 2022-2023.

Prof. Izumi has written numerous articles on the history of Japanese overseas migration and Asian North American social activism. She is co-chairing the Archives Cluster of an international research project, Past Wrongs, Future Choices, comparing experiences of overseas Japanese communities during World War II. Her publications include The Rise and Fall of America’s Concentration Camp Law (2019) and Nikkei Kanada-jin no Ido to Undo (in Japanese, 2020).

  • Master Thesis and Research Project I, II, III

Area of Expertise
  • Global Migration
  • North American Race Relations
  • National Security, Law, and Civil Liberties