Etsuaki Yoshida

Professor Mari Iizuka

Etsuaki Yoshida

Kyoto University
Bank of Japan

Professor Yoshida joined Doshisha Business School in April 2022. He started his career at the Bank of Japan as a financial analyst and economist, after graduating from Hitotsubashi University and attending Harvard University. Etsuaki has taught Islamic Finance at Waseda Graduate School of Finance as Visiting Associate Professor since 2008, while his academic positions include Project Associate Professor at Kyoto University since 2015 and Visiting Associate Professor at Hokkaido University in AY2021. During 2019-2021, Dr. Yoshida served as Deputy Minister of the Ministry for Development of ICT in Uzbekistan.
He is the author of five books and a frequent speaker at international conferences on Islamic Finance, as well as a professional macroeconomist with rich experiences in analyzing emerging markets, especially Southeast Asia, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East regions.

  • Finance
  • Investment in Asia
  • Information Technology/Management
  • Japanese Business Practices
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Master Thesis and Research Project I, II, III

Area of Expertise
  • International Finance
  • Business in Emerging Economies
  • Islamic Finance