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Business in Asia

Business in Asia – the driver of the world economy

Business in Asia
Currently accounting for a 27% (and growing) share of world GDP—greater than that of the United States or the EU-15—Asia is the most dynamic region of the world economy. And not just as a cheap-labor based producer of manufactured goods; Asian companies are leading innovators and Asian markets for other countries’ products and services are the fastest growing in the world.

That is not to say that doing business in Asia is simple. Asia is a mosaic—of traditional and modern, of diverse histories, geography, cultures, political systems, and business practices. To succeed in Asia—as a company, an NGO, or a businessperson—you must understand these various differences and dynamics and know how to navigate them.

Our Business in Asia courses (below) teach you to do this.

  • Understanding Japanese Corporations
  • Japanese Business Practices
  • Marketing in Asia
  • Human Resources Management in Asia
  • Investment in Asia
  • Operations Management in Asia