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Certificates & Transcripts

DBS alumni can request copies of their "Certificate of Graduation" and "Academic Transcripts" in person at DBS or through Online Application System.
Please see the PDF file below for instructions on how to request these forms.
How to Request Certificates after Graduation[PDF 630KB]

DBS Network (DBSN)

The Doshisha Business School Network was organized in 2006, connecting students, professors, alumni, and members of the Kansai business community. Current students and recent alumni from both the Global MBA and the Japanese MBA units regularly collaborate to produce the DBSN student newsletter as well as organize seminars
and networking events, providing opportunities to build relationships outside of the classroom. Access to the DBS Network is an important benefit of studying in our Global MBA, and can open doors to support you in your career.

DBS Network Website

Apply to take Global MBA Courses as an Auditing Student (DBS Alumni Only)

Alumni of Doshisha Business School may apply to take Global Business and Management Studies courses as auditing students by following the application process detailed in the documents below.

Please note that applicants for the auditing student system must be DBS alumni and currently reside in Japan. Foreign nationals residing in Japan must hold a valid visa during the application process and for the entire duration of the course(s) they wish to take.

Guidelines, Course Information, and Application Forms
Spring 2023 Global MBA Guidelines for Auditing Students (English)[PDF 213KB]
Fall 2023 Global MBA Guidelines for Auditing Students (English)[PDF 209KB]
2023年度春学期ビジネス研究科グローバル経営研究専攻 聴講生の手引き[PDF 309KB]
2023年度秋学期ビジネス研究科グローバル経営研究専攻 聴講生の手引き[PDF 305KB]
2023Auditing Student Application Form[PDF 335KB]

2023 DBS Academic Calendar[PDF 350KB]

Auditing Student Available Courses & Class Schedule 2023[PDF 315KB]
AY2023 Spring NDS AU Prerequisite & Other Conditions[PDF 139KB]
AY2023 Fall NDS AU Prerequisite & Other Conditions[PDF 136KB]