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Admissions and Scholarships

Business School Office

Applying to the Doshisha Global MBA
(Global Business and Management Studies)

Doshisha Business School welcomes applications from motivated and ambitious persons—regardless of age, gender, or nationality—seeking to explore the frontiers of business management and improve the well-being of our society.
Our admissions process is designed to evaluate the whole person and to establish a good ‘fit’ with our program. Admission is based on our assessment of your professional experience, academic performance, references, and interview.

On these pages you will find all the information necessary to complete your application, including details of the application process. Your application will be handled by our dedicated admissions staff, and we assure you of personal and professional service.

Should you have any questions concerning your application to our program, please contact us at:
Doshisha Business School
Doshisha University
Karasuma-Imadegawa, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
602-8580 JAPAN
Telephone: +81-75-251-4600
E-mail: ji-gmba@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Admission Requirements

To join our Global MBA (Global Business and Management Studies program), you should have:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized college or university
  • Work experience (the applicant should have at least 3 years of work experience by the time of enrollment in our program)*1
  • English Proficiency Test*2, *3 (for non-native English speakers)
Any of the following are acceptable:*4, *5, *6
TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test score of 760 or above
TOEFL® Test score of 83 or above (iBT)
IELTS™ (Academic Module) score of 6.0 or above
Cambridge Examination score of FCE (Pass)
*1 In case the applicant does not meet this requirement, s/he must provide relevant documents to support why s/he deserves to be identified as having equivalent work experience.
*2 The English proficiency test requirement is waived for candidates who are native English speakers, those who have received a bachelor's or master's degree from a university where the medium of instruction was English, or those who are recognized by Doshisha Business School as possessing an equivalent qualification.
*3 Those who can demonstrate their English language proficiency by providing an official test score dated on or after November 1, 2021, for one of the tests listed above.
*4 TOEFL-CBT®, TOEFL PBT®, TOEFL ITP®, TOEIC Bridge® test, TOEIC® IP test, IELTS™ (General Training Module), TOEFL iBT® Home Edition (TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition), and IELTS™ Online scores are NOT acceptable.
*5 Students who wish to be considered for the “Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Scholarship [University Recommendation]” should apply with TOEFL iBT® or IELTS™.
*6 Computer Delivered IELTS™ (IELTS™ on Computer) and IELTS™ for UKVI can also be accepted.

Designation codes for exams:
  • TOEFL® Test Designated Institution Code: 8759
  • GMAT® Program Code: QJK-PK-35
  • GRE® Designated Institution Code: 3575
  • IELTS™ (Academic Module): Please refer to the “STED RO: Subscriber to Electronic Download Recognised Organisations” information below.
RO Name: Doshisha University - Graduate School of Business
RO Address: Karasuma Imadegawa, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602 8580, Japan

To verify your eligibility and required documents for submission, please feel free to apply for the Information Session after reading the Admissions Guide.

To learn more about the Information Session process and to apply for the Information Session, please see this page of our website.

Learn more about GMAT® or the GRE® on the official test websites.

Please see How to Apply for further information.
Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for quick answers to the most common questions about our program.

*TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP and TOEIC are registered trademarks of the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Apply to take Global MBA Courses as a Non-Degree Student

Those accepted as non-degree students can register to take Global Business and Management Studies courses and can obtain credits for their studies. If a non-degree student later enrolls in Global Business and Management Studies, credits obtained as a non-degree student may be counted toward the credits required to earn the MBA degree.

Applicants for the non-degree student system must currently reside in Japan. Foreign nationals residing in Japan must hold a valid visa during the application process and for the entire duration of the course(s) they wish to take.

Guidelines, Course Information, and Application Forms
Spring 2023 Global MBA Non-Degree Student Guidelines (English)[PDF 217KB]
Fall 2023 Global MBA Non-Degree Student Guidelines (English)[PDF 214KB]
2023年度春学期ビジネス研究科グローバル経営研究専攻 科目等履修生の手引き[PDF 325KB]
2023年度秋学期ビジネス研究科グローバル経営研究専攻 科目等履修生の手引き[PDF 312KB]
2023 Non-Degree Student Application Form[PDF 570KB]

2023 DBS Academic Calendar[PDF 350KB]
2024 DBS Academic Calendar[PDF 183KB]
2023 Non-Degree & Auditing Student Available Courses & Class Schedule[PDF 315KB]
AY2023 Spring NDS AU Prerequisite & Other Conditions[PDF 139KB]
AY2023 Fall NDS AU Prerequisite & Other Conditions[PDF 136KB]