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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in our program. The 2018 admissions period has ended. Please check back in November of this year for information on 2019 admissions.
The information below is for reference purposes only.

Application Process and Important Dates

1. Schedule

Round Application Deadline Interview PeriodAdmission DecisionDue date for
Admission Fee
1December 11, 2017By December 18Mid- to late JanuaryLate February
2*1March 5, 2018By March 22Mid-AprilLate May
3May 11, 2018By May 24 Mid-JuneLate June*2
4*3June 15, 2018By June 21 Mid- to late JulyEarly August

*1 Round 2: Applicants for University Recommendation for Doshisha Undergraduate Students should submit the formal application before Round 2 deadline. Any application received after this deadline will not be considered for this recommendation scheme.
*2 Round 3: Successful applicants of Round 3 should note that the due date of admission fee payment is set much earlier than the other application rounds.
*3 Round 4: This round is only available for applicants who have Japanese nationality or who currently reside in Japan with a valid visa for the entire period between your application and enrollment. Please refer to the 2018 Admissions Guide for further details.
All information below is for 2018 intake only.

2. How to Apply

Step 1Check Eligibility and Admission Requirements
Admissions guides for 2019 entry will be available around November of this year.
Please make sure to read the relevant 2018 admissions guide thoroughly.
We have three different admission schemes for 2018 entry students.
  • 2018 General Admissions Guide
  • 2018 University Recommendation Admissions Guide for Doshisha University Undergraduate Students
Doshisha undergraduate students may seek entrance to our program through this University Recommendation scheme by submitting a letter of recommendation from the dean of their department.
  • 2018 Company Recommendation Admissions Guide
This admission scheme is for applicants who intend to retain their positions with their current employers during the two years of their MBA studies and return to their place of employment after graduation. Please note that the recommendation letter format and Letter of Consent found in this admissions guide should not be used when applying through general admission.
Step 2Preliminary Application
We will begin accepting Preliminary Applications again in November.
If you are interested in applying for our Global MBA but would like to consult with us first, we invite you to submit a preliminary application. It can help you learn about Global Business and Management Studies at Doshisha Business School and assist you with your formal application should you decide to apply. There is no charge for submitting a preliminary application.
Learn more and download the Preliminary Application Form here
Step 3Make a Formal Application
Please complete the formal application in accordance with the instructions given in the admissions guide.
*The application form for 2019 entry will be available for download on this page in November.

Complete the Application Fee
The non-refundable application fee (15,000 JPY) can be paid either by bank transfer or online by credit card. Please refer to the admissions guide for more details.

Submit the Application Package
Please submit your formal application form and other required documents by the specified deadline. (*Your application package must reach Doshisha University by the deadline to be considered.)

<Required documents>
The required documents may vary for those applying under the University or Company recommendation schemes. Please check the relevant admissions guide.
  • Application form (3 sets)
  • University graduation certificate (1 or more)
  • Academic transcript (1 or more)
  • Letters of recommendation (2)
  • Certificate of English language proficiency (1)*
  • GMAT®/GRE®official score report (1)
  • Copy of personal identification (1 or more)
  • Application fee receipt (1)
  • Photographs (2), digital photograph (1)

*If you would like to send us your TOEFL® Test score, our Destination Code is 8759.

3. Screening of Documents

Our admissions team will review your application form and supporting documentation when we receive them in full. Applicants who successfully pass this screening stage will be called for an interview.

4. Formal Interview

The formal interview is conducted by the faculty members of Doshisha Business School (DBS) and is an important part of the applications process and an opportunity for us to assess your motivation, communication skills, and suitability for the program. Applicants residing in Japan will be invited to a face-to-face interview in principle. Overseas applicants will be interviewed using video-call (Skype™).

5. Admissions Decision

Following the interview, a final decision will be made on your application by DBS faculty members and you will be notified of the decision shortly thereafter.

6. Offer and Enrollment

Successful applicants will receive an offer letter and are required to pay a non-refundable admission fee of 200,000 JPY by the specified deadline (please see 1. Schedule). Once you have accepted your place and paid the admission fee, you can then proceed to the registration procedures including immigration procedures for overseas applicants.