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DBS Library: Due Date for Graduating Students August 8

Students who are expected to graduate this September are requested to return all items borrowed from the DBS Library by August 8 (Tuesday).

Please also note that graduating students will not be able to borrow any items after this date.

We recommend returning any borrowed items at your earliest convenience and we appreciate your cooperation in returning all items by the August 8 deadline at the latest.


DBS Library Magazine Giveaway

From Tuesday, February 21 to Friday, April 28, the DBS Library will be offering gifts of old/discarded magazines at the PC corner of the library.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please help yourself to take them home. Please make sure to take it from the shelf with the note indicated “Please help yourself. Take Free: Those are discarded books & magazines. Take free: service is only from this section.”

Note: Those discarded magazines should not be placed/returned to a regular bookshelf as it will be very hard to find it and pick it up again.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Restrictions on the use of the KAMBAIKAN 2nd and 3rd floor for the 2023 Spring Admission Examination.

On February 11th (Sat), the 2023 Spring Admission Examination will be conducted at the Doshisha Business School.
The test venue is on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the KAMBAIKAN, and therefore the use of the 2nd and 3rd floor will be restricted as follows:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, however, your understanding would be greatly appreciated:

■ Friday, February 10, after 15:00
To set up the Admission Examination Venue:
No entry to the 2nd floor of the Kambaikan
No entry to the Seminar room, Presentation Hall and Project room No.1 on the 3rd floor of the Kambaikan.

■ Saturday, February 11, 7:00 to 11:30
All project rooms, student lounges, and lockers cannot be used.
You cannot go through the student lounge.

■ Saturday, February 11, 7:00 to 23:00
The 2nd floor of the Kambaikan: No entry to the 2nd floor as it is used for short essay and oral examinations
The 3rd floor of the Kambaikan: No entry to the Seminar Room and Presentation Hall as they are used as reception areas for the Admission Examination

■ If you conduct group work between the hours of 11:30 to 23:00 on Saturday, February 11, please use the project room on the 3rd floor.
Please refrain from using it for anything other than group work

The library can be used all day, but you cannot go through the lounge on the 2nd floor, so please go up to the 3rd floor directly. Thank you very much.
Updated 2023/2/9

IT infrastructure Replacement 2022

This is to inform you that Doshisha IT infrastructure will be replaced in 2022 for providing better IT environment. The following services will not be available some time from August 12 to 21 due to the system replacement:

■ LAN (Campus area network)
■ Do-net
■ Authentication System
■ Single Sign On
■ Websites (Doshisha University, DBS, etc.)
■ e-class
■ Syllabus
■ etc.

Please check the below website for the details.
IT infrastructure Replacement 2022

If you have any further questions, please contact IT Support Office.
■ IT Support Office

DBS Office

AY2022 Spring/Fall: Academic Fees (tuition and facilities fee)

1) Payment slips for academic fees (facilities fee and the tuition fee calculated with your reduction) will be sent by post from the University finance department early in the semester
  • The total cost of the tuition payment (calculated with your reduction) plus the facilities fee will be on the same payment slip.
  • There may be 2 payment slips, one to pay for the entire academic year and the other to pay for half of the year (1 semester only). Pay using one of these slips.

2) SPRING: April 28: Deadline for full semester payment
(Deadlines are posted on the University website in Japanese here.)

From April 1st at 0:00 to April 28th at 23:59, it is possible to apply online for payment by installments or for an extension of the payment deadline as explained at the link below.

Payment Deadline Extension, Payment in installments
a) Payment by Installments
Installment 1: May 31st
Installment 2: July 27th
b) Deadline Extension (one payment)
Due July 27th

3) FALL: October 31st: Deadline for full semester payment
(Deadlines are posted on the University website in Japanese here.)

From September 26th at 0:00 to October 31st at 23:59, it is possible to apply online for payment by installments or for an extension of the payment deadline as explained at the link below.

Payment Deadline Extension, Payment in installments
a) Payment by Installments
Installment 1: November 30th
Installment 2: January 26th, 2023
b) Deadline Extension (one payment)
Due January 26th, 2023

Notice: Copy Machine System Update

The coin-operated function on the copy machine will be out of service for adjustments from March 31th to April 4th. If you need to make copies, please use your student ID card. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Copy Machine System Update

There will be a system update from Thursday, February 24 at 17:00 to Tuesday, March 1 at 9:00. You will not be able to use copy credits on your student ID card during this period. If you need to make copies during this period, please do so by inserting coins into the machine.

※ Please note that your copy credits for 2021 will expire on Thursday, February 24 at 17:00. Your copy credits used from Tuesday, March 1 at 9:00 will be for the 2022 Academic Year credits.

DoKoDeMo Print Unavailable 3/31
DoKoDeMo Print will be unavailable during the following period due to the IT system maintenance:
March 31(Thu.) at 17:00 - April 1 (Fri.) 9:00

It will not be possible to register any new print jobs after 17:00 on March 31 (Thu.).

※ It will be possible to print previously registered jobs until 17:00 on March 31 (Thu.).
※ Any jobs that are registered but are not successfully printed by 9:00 April 1 will be cleared.
DoKoDeMoPrint_TemporarySuspention20220331[PDF 544KB]

Restrictions on use of the 3rd floor due to lighting work at the KAMBAIKAN Building

Due to lighting construction in the Kambaikan building, the use of the 3rd floor will be restricted as follows.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding:

■Date: Sunday, November 28th from 8:30 to 22:00
Site: The north washroom on the third floor of the Kambaikan (in front of the library) cannot be used.

■Date: Monday, November 29th from 8:30 to 22:00
Site: The south side washroom on the 3rd floor of the Kambaikan (in front of the DBS office) and the central staircase (the side staircase in the Elevator hall) cannot be used.

■Date: From Sunday, December 5th 22:00 to Monday, December 6th 5:00
Site: Some lights in the library on the 3rd floor of the Kambaikan will be turned off.

DBS Library: Available Free: Periodicals & Books to be Discarded

The DBS Library has recently reviewed the collection and will be discarding of certain periodicals and books to make room for new items. These materials will be made available in the DBS Library for interested Business School students and faculty members to take home if they wish. Any items that remain after the period indicated below will be discarded.

Library Materials Scheduled for Disposal
Period: Materials will be available for students/ faculty to take home from October 2 for a period of 1 month
Place: The materials will be located in the back of the library near the PC area and labeled "Please take one" (『ご自由にお持ち帰りください』)
  • Do not return any 廃棄 (haiki) stamped items to the stacks
  • Do not take any items that are not marked 廃棄 (haiki)
  • No reservations may be made on these materials, they will be available on a first-come first-serve basis

Notes on periodicals:
Periodicals being disposed of will have a red 廃棄 (haiki) stamp over the "Business School" label

Notes on books:
The content of some books may be out of date
  • Items will have several library-use stamps and labels still affixed to them and are available "as-is" only (please understand materials may be worn or damaged)

General Announcements


Updating your Contact Information
If you have recently moved or have a new phone number, please inform the DBS office & the University by updating your address and contact information on DUET.
The university may send important notices directly to your mailing address so it is important to ensure your address is updated.

If you have difficulty updating your address on DUET, you may email us at the DBS Office ji-gmba@doshisha.ac.jp with your new address/ phone number.

Office Hours from April 2022

The office hours for faculty and graduate school offices as well as some student support offices have changed from April 2022 (the university's new academic year).

The hours for the DBS Office as well as a few others are listed below. Please note that overall offices will be closing at 17:00 across the university, if you need to visit a faculty or graduate school office please verify their hours in advance.

DBS Office
(when classes are in session)
9:00-11:30, 12:30-19:00

Office (Imadegawa Campus)Mon.-Fri.
Student Support9:00-11:30, 12:30-17:00
Career Center9:00-17:00
Health Center9:00-12:00, 13:00-19:00

Office (Imadegawa Campus)Mon. Wed. Fri.Tues. Thurs.
Counseling Center9:00-11:30

All departments where office hours have been changed are listed in this file: 2022 Update Doshisha Office Hours[PDF 99KB] (Japanese only)


IMPORTANT Rules for Use of Project Rooms

Regarding use of Project Rooms 3-8 on the third floor, all students must follow the rules below to maintain the privilege of using the project rooms.

  • Write your reservation in the reservation book (in advance or, if available, the day of)
  • Only reserve for the time the room will actually be in use
  • If the room is not occupied within 10 minutes of the reservation start time, the reservation is forfeited.
  • As a rule, rooms should only be used by one group for up to three hours at a time.
    • If you have used a room for more than 3 hours and someone else wants to use the room, they have priority, please leave the room and let them use it.
  • As a rule, the project rooms are for group work, groups of 2 or more people should be using the room at a time.
  • Do not leave belongings in the room unattended.

These rules are clearly posted near and on the project room doors, however, there continue to be complaints that students are not using the project rooms appropriately.

The project rooms are intended for the use of all DBS students, both JMBA and GMBA, please communicate with each other and share use of the rooms according to the above rules.

Updated 2016/7/7