Noriko Hama

Professor Noriko Hama

Noriko Hama

BA (International Economics)
Hitotsubashi University Department of Economics

Research Director at the Center for Economic and Policy Studies in the Mitsubishi Research Institute in Tokyo, from 1990 to 1998, she was the Institute's first resident economist and chief representative in London. Since her return to Japan she has become widely known as a commentator on the economic environment in both Japanese and international media. She writes regularly on current issues in newspapers and economic journals including The Mainichi Shimbun, Japan Times, Les Echos and The Financial Times. She is also a frequent commentator for the BBC's World Service Radio and Television Broadcasts, Japan's NHK Television, CNN and other current affairs media. She also serves on a variety of committees advising the major central government ministries as well as local authorities in Japan.

  • Making Sense of the Global Economy (Global MBA & Japanese MBA)
  • Economics (Japanese MBA)
  • The Economics of Global Money, Currencies and Finance (Japanese MBA)

Area of Expertise
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • European Economic Studies