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Our Students

Hear from our students

The Global MBA student body brings together a diverse group of people from all over the world, with various academic and professional backgrounds and a broad range of life experience. See what students have to say about our program and their experiences studying at Doshisha Business School.

Feature: Scholarship opportunities at DBS

Yan Feng, China
Nobuo Tateishi Scholarship

After 4 years of work experience, I wanted to attend business school to sharpen my business thinking and analytical skills. After a big round of research, I decided to study here in Doshisha Business School in order to learn the Japanese-style management system, which is applicable in a variety of Asian business contexts.

The downside of joining a full-time MBA, however, is that I had to quit my job in China and have to live on my savings to support my education.

Fortunately, Doshisha offers various kinds of scholarships to support students like me. On top of tuition reduction for all self-funded international students, the Business School also offers scholarships from generous institutions, such as the Nobuo Tateishi Scholarship.

The Nobuo Tateishi Scholarship is provided by Mr. Tateishi, the former president of Omron Corporation. This year, 5 students were granted the scholarship based on outstanding academic performance, and I was very honored to be one of them.

Receiving this scholarship is a huge encouragement for me to keep working hard in my studies at Doshisha. Not only does this scholarship relieve my financial pressure, but it also gives me confidence that as a woman I can succeed in the business world. With this encouragement, I will continue to make my best efforts in my studies, and I will try to apply the skill set I have learned here to bring the best value to society after graduation.
Current student describes her experience with scholarships at DBS

Ricardo Chavez Medellin, Mexico/Germany
Daikin Scholarship

Making the decision to go to Japan to study for my MBA was not easy for several reasons. One of them was that in order to join the Global MBA program, I needed to quit my job in Germany. This meant that for the next two years I would not have any source of income and that I would need to spend almost all my personal savings in order to cover my everyday expenses in Japan. Despite this challenging situation, I decided to go forward since I wanted to learn more about Japanese business culture and society first-hand. Moreover, as a future entrepreneur, I wanted to expand my professional network in Asia because the region offers interesting business opportunities. Therefore, the only way to achieve these objectives was to go to Japan to study for my MBA.

Fortunately, in addition to tuition fee reduction, DBS offers several scholarship opportunities for international students. One of them is the scholarship provided by Daikin Industries Ltd.

Daikin is one of the biggest multinational Japanese companies and is well-known to me. Under the umbrella of my job in Germany, I had the chance to become familiar with several of its main products and worked with some members of its staff within its Fluorochemical business unit.

Daikin provides two scholarships for Doshisha Business School students each year. Based on my academic performance, I was awarded one of these scholarships. This was a very important achievement for me since, as mentioned before, I am financing my MBA studies by myself.

I am very thankful to Daikin for this opportunity. With the support of this scholarship, my financial burden has been lessened and consequently, my financial situation has become more stable. In this way, I can fully concentrate on my MBA studies and focus all my energies on developing two of my greatest passions: learning more about supply chain management and studying the Japanese language.
Current student describes his experience with scholarships at DBS

Current students on why they chose the Doshisha Global MBA

Vincent Garcia, USA

With a long-term goal to work as an international management consultant within Asia, I came to Japan as an English teacher on the JET Program to first experience the culture and language. After two years, I knew I had to take the next step towards my profession. I entered Doshisha’s Global MBA with the hopes of expanding my knowledge of Asian business, working in an intercultural environment, and taking on a challenge that would unlock my full potential. DBS has exceeded these expectations thus far and I am excited to see what doors will open up for me as I continue to grow and progress throughout my studies.
Hear from Our Students

Widad Lamallaoui, Morocco

My engineering career started three years ago and I eventually realized that I needed to deepen my knowledge in business and management in order to continue to grow and develop as a young professional. Joining an MBA program was a natural decision for me, and pairing it with an international experience was ideal. The Doshisha Global MBA offered the best scenario that I could imagine. Its wide diversity immersed in the Japanese culture is what makes it very unique. My goal is to be able to apply the practical knowledge from my engineering background with the business skills that I will acquire through my studies here.
Hear From Our Students

Tair Kurmangaliyev, Kazakhstan

I was always interested in business development. The Global MBA at Doshisha Business School felt like a great opportunity for me to expand my horizons. Moreover, the special focus area of “Green Business” perfectly aligned with my vision that sustainability is a key metric for future success. As a proud student of DBS, I can say that the “Global” name of the program truly justifies its purpose. Diversity of people, cultures and traditions create a unique environment for personal growth and enrichment. In my opinion, the philosophy of the founder of Doshisha University, Joseph Hardy Neesima, who believed in “education guided by conscience,” describes the school’s approach in fostering the leaders of the future.
Hear From Our Students

Alena Zhukova, Russia

After studying for a year at Osaka University, I’ve been constantly looking for an opportunity to come to study once more in the Kansai region. I consider getting an MBA degree at Doshisha as an investment in my future development that will facilitate mastering efficient Japanese methods of business management and operations in the globalized environment, as well as profound learning about green business and corporate social responsibility. In addition, the ability to take a wide range of Japanese language and culture courses offered for free at the University and the chance to communicate and study with a full diversity of people from all kinds of backgrounds is very attractive.
Hear from our students