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Exchange Students

Exchange to DBS

Doshisha Business School regularly welcomes exchange students from our partner universities in Europe and the USA.

Matilda Källman
University of Gothenburg
Exchange Student Fall 2016

I have previously studied in Japan and wanted to come back during my master studies. The reason I chose to do my exchange at Doshisha Business School was because of its international program where it was possible to study together with students from all over the world.

I am very happy with my decision to go to Doshisha and I really enjoyed my time there. I was warmly welcomed both by the staff and the other students and I always had someone to turn to when I needed help. Doshisha has a nice atmosphere and a beautiful campus with good facilities. The engaged teachers and classmates made the lectures interesting and fun. Studying and living in Kyoto was also a great experience because it is an interesting city with many things to do and places to see but it still has a small town feeling. The best part of my studies at Doshisha was all the nice and inspiring people I met.
Matilda from Sweden

Kim Nesbitt
University of Denver
Exchange Student Fall 2016

The opportunity to study abroad as a graduate student is rare, so I jumped at the opportunity to spend a quarter in Japan. To learn in a very different part of the world with such a rich culture was amazing, and Japan is a great country to learn business.
In an increasingly globalized world, having experience working with a diverse group of people from over 25 different countries is valuable and that was the best part of my time at Doshisha. I learned what it is like working with students from around the world and I now know that I want to continue doing that in my career. I’m so happy I chose to come here and I would highly recommend a quarter or a semester at Doshisha as it was a great complement to my education in the United States.
Kim from USA

Eric Bornhammar
University of Gothenburg
Exchange Student Fall 2016

I choose Doshisha University, and Kyoto because I really wanted to experience Japan. I have been thinking about it for a while and it just felt like a good fit for me - basically it is a rare opportunity you should take advantage of. There is so much to experience, the culture, the people and the beautiful Japanese nature. I have heard so many good things about Kyoto and Doshisha Business School as well, and I really enjoyed my time there.
Doshisha Business School is an excellent place to experience interactive teaching, all teachers are engaged in their lectures and students are given the opportunity to decide and affect the course outline, which is something completely different compared to my home university in Gothenburg. I got recommendations from colleagues at work and fellow students, so I arrived with big expectations for the place, and I can truly say that I was not disappointed!
Finally, my time in Kyoto and Doshisha Business School went so fast and I really had a blast! Friends for life and I have grown as an individual, there is something fascinating about living in a complete different culture. I encourage everyone to explore Japan while you are there, there is so much to see.
Eric from Sweden

Elin Christiansson
University of Gothenburg
Exchange Student Fall 2015

I wanted to study abroad outside Europe and Japan interested me in particular. Japan was my first choice due to its importance in international business and because it is such a technically advanced country. Further, I wanted to extend my knowledge about Japanese culture through practical experience.

Former exchange students I talked to seemed very happy with their stay at Doshisha Business School. Taking a closer look, DBS’s Global MBA Program seemed to be a good practically oriented compliment to the more theoretically oriented studies at my home university.

The choice of studying at DBS is one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life. It was a unique experience to study together with people from all around the world. The classes were of high standard and the school’s facilities were great. Other factors contributing to my positive experience are Kyoto’s beautiful nature, its relaxing atmosphere, and the city’s many good restaurants. The most memorable aspect of my stay at DBS is all the people I got to know. I had a great time and made friends for life.
Elin from Sweden