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(Tokyo) April 14: Mini-Lecture and Information Session

Updated Mar. 30, 2017
Professor Sharma, associate professor at Doshisha Business School, will be offering a mini-lecture and holding an admissions information session on Friday, April 14, at the Doshisha Tokyo Satellite Campus.

Starting at 18:00, Professor Sharma will be presenting on "Millennial Economics: The changing contours of dismal science." After the mini-lecture there will be an admissions information session and time for questions and individual consultations.

Millennial Economics: The changing contours of dismal science
Lecture Summary:
Generally speaking, the term "Millennial" refers to a generation. A cohort that has joined the workforce sometime in the last decade. In many countries, they already account for the lion's share of the working age population.

Millennials are rewriting the socioeconomic norms. Markets have been quick to put a premium on the potential transformation. While affected businesses are scrambling to cope with these tectonic shifts. These shifts are not solely originating from this demographic group. Early indicators suggest that their choices are already changing the consumption patterns of the larger population. The digital disruption is quietly buttressing this trend.

In this exciting mini-lecture, Prof. Sharma tries to put these changes in perspective and questions the continuing validity of the traditional economic paradigm.

Registration is required, please send an email to to reserve your spot by April 11 (Tue.).

Reservations no longer accepted for this event.

Click here for access information for Doshisha Tokyo Satellite Campus
We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo!

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Please see the link below to download the flyer.

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Information Session in Tokyo April 14, 2017

Mini-lecture and Information Session in Tokyo