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Executive Seminar on Brand Strategies in Fashion Retail

Updated Feb. 6, 2017
On January 30, Francesco Formiconi, former COO and Vice President of Giorgio Armani Japan, delivered a seminar on multi-brand and mono-brand strategies for fashion retailers as part of Doshisha Business School’s Executive Seminar series.

After giving an overview of the classic fashion production cycle and changes to existing business models, Mr. Formiconi detailed the differences between the two strategies, and presented the audience with a challenge: an established brand wants to expand overseas into a different market. Should it extend its existing brand, or create a new sub-brand? The ensuing discussion between students clearly highlighted the stark differences between mono and multi-brand strategies and the financial and market requirements that need to be met to pursue one or the other.

We would like to thank Mr. Formiconi for an interactive and insightful seminar and a wonderful contribution to the program!