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Study Japanese: Language & JMBA Courses

Japanese Language Courses

Doshisha’s Center for Language and Culture (“CJLC”) offers a wide range of Japanese language and culture courses for international students studying in undergraduate and graduate programs at Doshisha. A certain number of these courses are open to international students enrolled in our Global MBA free of charge. Please note, however, that these courses cannot be included in the 46 credits required for the Doshisha MBA degree.

Find out more about Japanese language and culture classes at Doshisha University here.

Study Japanese

Japanese MBA Courses*

As Doshisha Business School is home to both our Global MBA and our Japanese MBA, Global MBA students with a suitable level of Japanese are able to take a number of Japanese MBA classes. (Japanese students are also encouraged to take some MBA courses in English). This provides a great opportunity to interact with Japanese MBA students, most of whom are full-time managers in Kansai companies.

Find out more about the Japanese MBA program.

*If you choose to spend a term studying at one of our overseas partner universities and/or take courses offered by the Japanese MBA Program (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 required), up to 10 credits of courses can be counted toward your Doshisha MBA degree. (Approval of course professor required.)
Japanese MBA classes
Student Voice
Japanese StudyDhanashree Kondhalkar
At the beginning of my time in Kyoto, I had a language barrier outside Doshisha. I realized that if I want to spend happy time here then I have to improve my Japanese proficiency. I decided to take Japanese classes offered by the University. I took a placement test before the start of my first semester and started taking Japanese classes alongside my MBA courses.

Though I am busy with my Global MBA studies, I try to learn at least one kanji every day and one grammar pattern per week. I come up with new slogans like ‘one kanji a day keeps stress away,’ to keep motivated. I have also been able to interact with Japanese MBA students through BONBON, a student group at Doshisha Business School, and conversation with them has helped me improve my Japanese language proficiency.

I would like to recommend that DBS students take the opportunity to attend free Japanese classes at Doshisha. There are 3 kinds of introductory classes and furthermore, you can move up through 9 levels of courses. In my opinion language classes do not conflict with my class timing for Global MBA classes and DBS students have ample opportunities to improve their Japanese language proficiency.

I wish all the very best to all of my fellow colleagues and language learners at Doshisha.
Student Voice
Japanese MBA coursesAtreya Sridhar
After working for over 6 years in several Japanese MNCs in India, I decided it was time to invest in myself and move into the next stage of career. Pursuing an MBA in a globally reputed university seemed like the right move to make and I chose Doshisha Business School for several reasons.
  1. It is in the heart of Kyoto, the cultural center of Japan.
  2. The professors are from strong business backgrounds.
  3. It offers the opportunity to take some of the MBA courses (in Japanese) in the the Japanese MBA program. (Minimum Requirement: JLPT N1)
  4. I was offered a generous reduction in my tuition fee which significantly reduced my financial burden.

The Global MBA program at Doshisha Business School not only provided a great learning experience but also enabled me to interact with students from around the world with different socio-cultural backgrounds. Taking some of the MBA courses offered by the Japanese MBA program was a great learning experience as well. The medium of instruction was completely Japanese and it was difficult to keep up with the weekly assignments, etc., which had to be written completely in Japanese. However, it helped improve my proficiency in Japanese and I learnt a lot about the global economy from the Japanese perspective and the corporate governance policies of Japanese companies. Apart from this, it provided a great opportunity to network with Japanese working professionals.

My two years at Doshisha Business School has helped me both in my personal and professional growth.