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Global MBA Faculty

Doshisha's Global MBA faculty is made up of active researchers with extensive experience in both business and the classroom. Visiting professors from top international business schools offer specialized courses and provide a global perspective. Small class size encourages close interaction between faculty and students, creating a unique and friendly learning environment.

We also boast a capable and hard-working office staff who are dedicated to helping students smoothly deal with administrative matters.

Dedicated Global MBA Faculty

Other Global MBA Faculty

Toshiro KitaToshiro Kita Japan
Doshisha Business School, Japanese MBA
Noriko HamaNoriko Hama Japan
Doshisha Business School, Japanese MBA
Hans MarutschkeHans Marutschke Germany
Doshisha Law School

Visiting Faculty

Rosalie L. TungRosalie L. Tung
Professor of International Business, Simon Fraser University
Keiko ZaimaKeiko Zaima
Professor of Economics & Management, Kyoto Sangyo University
Yuri SadoiYuri Sadoi
Professor of Economics, Meijo University

Other Doshisha Business School and Doshisha Faculty