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Doshisha Global MBA Alumni Association Facebook Page

Like our official Doshisha Global MBA Alumni Association page for updates from DBS and to stay in touch with other alumni!

Doshisha Alumni Association (Doshisha Kōyū-kai)

The Doshisha Alumni Association (Doshisha Kōyū-kai) originated from the “Alumni-kai” that was organized in 1885, ten years after Doshisha was founded. Doshisha graduates actively working around the world now total more than 320,000 people. In addition to the 48 chapters and over 40 clubs throughout Japan, there are overseas chapters and clubs located in 21 cities of 14 countries around the world. With an increasingly international student body at the university, the DAA network is growing all around the world.
The Doshisha Alumni Association has branches all over the world

Certificates & Transcripts

DBS alumni can request copies of their "Certificate of Graduation" and "Academic Transcripts" in person at DBS or by mail.
Please see the PDF file below for instructions on how to request these forms.
Guidelines for Graduating Students: How to request to receive your Degree Certificate by mail [PDF 355KB]
How to Request Certificates after Graduation [PDF 727KB]

DBS Network (DBSN)

The Doshisha Business School Network was organized in 2006, connecting students, professors, alumni, and members of the Kansai business community. Current students and recent alumni from both the Global MBA and the Japanese MBA units regularly collaborate to produce the DBSN student newsletter as well as organize seminars
and networking events, providing opportunities to build relationships outside of the classroom. Access to the DBS Network is an important benefit of studying in our Global MBA, and can open doors to support you in your business career.

DBS Network Website (Japanese)

DBS Network Newsletter: BONBON

BONBON is a student newsletter run by self-organized current MBA candidates and alumni of the Doshisha Business School Japanese and Global MBA programs. It is published quarterly and distributed within DBS.

In December 2011, a student in the Japanese MBA program came up with the idea of a student newsletter to increase interaction between all students at DBS. Along with promoting mutual exchange between the Japanese and Global MBA programs, BONBON has helped provide opportunities for networking between current students, alumni, faculty, and DBSN ever since. BONBON mainly features news related to Doshisha Business School, articles introducing newcomers, and spotlights on the experiences of students, professors, and school office staff.

Two recent graduates share their experiences as BONBON members below.
BONBON DBSN Newsletter
Irina Terekhova, Russia
For me being involved with BONBON was a great opportunity to have a new experience in journalism. Even though my current focus is mostly on travel-writing, being part of BONBON helped me to gain certain skills in writing articles. It was also a great chance to meet new people and make friends, especially from the Japanese MBA program.
Irina Terekhova, BONBON
Djurabek Babakulov, Uzbekistan
Upon being involved with BONBON, I had opportunities to make new friends and expand my network among Japanese MBA candidates and alumni. For me, it also served as a tool to discover the insights of not only the Japanese and Global MBA students but also professors and school staff.
I also took some Japanese MBA classes, and BONBON members helped me to choose those courses that are interesting for me and fit my Japanese language abilities. To sum up, I can say that I learned more about Japanese business ethics and manners, society, and culture through my BONBON activities.
Djurabek Babakulov, BONBON

For Alumni Living in Japan: Apply to Audit Global MBA Courses

Alumni of Doshisha Business School may apply to take Global Business and Management Studies courses as auditing students by following the application process detailed on our website.

Please note that applicants for the auditing student system must be DBS alumni and currently reside in Japan. Foreign nationals residing in Japan must hold a valid visa during the application process and for the entire duration of the course(s) they wish to take.

An announcement will be made in the News section of our website detailing the application period and method twice a year, in February for spring and/or fall courses and in July for fall courses only.